“Why are we doing this?” That’s not a complaint, but a good question non the less.2005 - feb 19 - melon 1

The Melon House must have looked much like this when it was first being constructed, over 150 years before.2005 - feb 19 - melon 2

Attention to detail is a necessary part of the policy with restoration work. However, it carries a price which must be paid in the future.

2005 - feb 19 - melon 3

It was agreed that two original features  needed to be reviewed in the interests of common sense. The alternately sliding sash frames were not well conceived in their original design and should not be replicated for the sake of copying.

2005 - feb 19 - melon 4

Glass technology has advanced massively over the years. A single pane of modern glass can be much longer and reduce maintenance costs.

2005 - feb 19 - melon 5

There were plenty of other design quirks to descover along the way, providing us with invaluable insight for later restoration challenges.

ResolutionsGlad that’s resolved