Events Diary

*Up and Coming Events 2018


The Walled Gardens at Croome Court are now closed until Easter 2018 due to essential maintenance work being carried out over the winter.

Opening dates for 2018 are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Easter until the end of September 11am – 5pm (last entry 4pm). *Please note that the gardens will be closed to visitors on 27-29th July and 17-19th August 2018 due to private events.*

Entry £5 per adult / children free

Follow the brown signs to Croome, National Trust, from A38 or B4084. Entry through National Trust Visitor Centre, High Green, Worcester, Worcestershire, WR8 9DW

*Please Note – Dates published are subject to change. Further details on events will follow in due course.

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Spring Art Exhibitions

Friday 30th March 2018 to Sunday 27th May 2018

Meet the Artist – On the first Saturday of each exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. Those days will be: Saturday 31st March 2018

We are delighted to be hosting a series of outdoor sculpture and indoor art exhibitions this year. They will showcase the work of talented and creative artists and provide inspiration for garden and art lovers alike. All exhibits will be available to purchase.


Simon Probyn is a sculptor who works using heavy industrial steel. Based in rural Herefordshire, he creates abstract and figurative works of art from both found and new material. He takes the man-made architectural steel designs and lets them subtly dictate their new purpose. Simon came late to sculpting, having spent 30 years in unrelated employment. Over the last 5 years though, he has been able to focus his full attention on sculpture and he has been successful in creating highly original artwork. “I revel in being my own boss, working within art and on my own bespoke designs”.

CWG-Diccon Dadey-2

Diccon Dadey is a metal sculptor working in steel to fabricate a wonderfully eclectic collection of modern and traditional house and garden art in 3D form. Whether contemporary or traditional, whether abstract or a reflection of nature, a Diccon offers a unique and timeless piece of art which never fails to enhance its environment: a breath taking centre-piece and ongoing ‘wow’ or a gently placed nod to nature.     

CWG-SJ-1 resizedThis exhibition is a celebration of the local Worcestershire landscape. Shirley Jones loves to photograph her local environment, often revisiting sites many many times in different weather, seasons and lighting conditions. Shirley loves to get intimate with a place and really know it. And, she photograph all her work using her iphone! Preferring the immediacy of the phone and its restrictions in format and focal length. It gives her work its own style and a cohesive feel. Shirley has been selling her work for the last few years. Having worked in the photographic business, in various areas, she finds it is a treat to now be shooting her own work and to experience the thrill that people enjoy her work enough to want to have it in their homes.

Early Summer Art Exhibitions

Friday 1st June 2018 to Sunday 29th July 2018 (*please note that the gardens will be closed to visitors 27-30th July for a private event).

Meet the Artist – On the first Saturday of each exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. Those dates will be: Saturday 2nd June 2018.

We are delighted to be hosting a series of outdoor sculpture and indoor art exhibitions this year. They will showcase the work of talented and creative artists and provide inspiration for garden and art lovers alike. All exhibits will be available to purchase.

CWG-DG-3 - Copy

Daren Greenhow was born in the North East of England and now lives in Llanddewi Skirrid, South Wales. He has worked full-time as a sculptor for 15 years, prior to which he followed a career in science. Daren has always enjoyed inventing and making. Creation and innovation have been life-long passions. He enjoys the challenge of taking everyday objects and reinterpreting them in new and unexpected contexts. This is expressed strongly in Daren’s metal sculptures. Daren’s medium of choice is steel, using welding as the primary joining technique. His work is figurative and abstract, large and small, and designed for indoors as well as outdoors. Subjects include; the human body, mammals, fish, birds, insects and mythical creatures. Hi work is original intriguing and always identifiable as his work.


Husband and wife duo Paul and Steph Simmons design and create beautiful and unique sculptures including; large and fantastical creatures, figurative and representational objects, and everything in between. Willow and native woodland materials provide endless inspiration and possibilities for sculpture projects. Using locally sourced coppice timber and willow, they love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for natural materials in the most imaginative and creative ways. They set up Willowcraft and Woodlands seventeen years ago. Their work includes commissions for individuals, schools, county councils and stately homes – you will see them on roundabouts, in play areas and town centres – as well as running willow craft activities at schools and events throughout the county.

CWG-Shelly Perkins-4

Shelly Perkins’ work is inspired by landscapes and wildlife found around her home in rural Worcestershire as well as her experiences on her extensive travels around the world. Shelly seeks to emulate the beauty and fragility of nature using her own unique style. Her work is created using unusual methods combining traditional and digital techniques to create high detailed, multi-layered digital collages which she sells as limited edition prints. Her work is instantly recognisable for its bold use of line and colour. Her extensive range of work features subjects from hares in Worcestershire meadows to Humpbacks in Antarctica. Whatever her subject, Shelly aims to immerse her audience in the natural world from her own perspective.

Lead Your Legacy Workshop

Reclaim what is Yours by Revitalizing your Body, Mind and Spirit at a 4 day retreat (and follow up programme) on July 27-30th at The Walled Gardens at Croome Court.


In this exclusive retreat with Energy Life Sciences Institute, we will guide you to connect to your unique legacy as you revitalize your body, mind and spirit. You will engage in acknowledging the gifts of your ancestry: your family lineage strengths, drive and their visions and purposes to realize your own, and thrive in the strength of you own heritage. You will also be guided to identify unresolved issues from your lineage that may be limiting your abilities to grow professionally, economically and in your intimate relationships. We will guide you to remember, integrate, and burn up those unresolved issues and outdated assumptions about yourself, unleashing wisdom buried at the core of your life experiences, deepening your knowledge and connecting to your higher power.

With a map of your ancestry in hand, you will practice sequences of mindful movements at the gardens, engage in morning walking meditations through the fields of The Croome, and share delicious and nutritious home made foods to revamp your enthusiasm and positive energies to create a new vision for your life and the legacy that you want to live now and leave behind.

Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander, founders of the Energy Life Sciences Institute accompanied by Chris and Karen Cronin, founders of the Walled Gardens, will guide you through this extraordinary meeting. They will share their personal stories of awakening to their own legacy and support you to find your own stories through the four-day gathering.

Click here for more information and to book a place at the workshop.

Late Summer Art Exhibitions

Friday 3rd August 2018 to Sunday 30th September 2018 (*please note that the gardens will be closed to visitors 17-19th August for a private event).

Meet the Artist – On the first Saturday of each exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the work. Those dates will be: Saturday 4th August 2018.

CWG-AB-2 resized

Alison Bowyer is a sculptor, based in Marlborough, working in mainly fused glass and wire. She draws inspiration from the wonders of the oceans and rivers but is also looking to the skies. From elegant peacocks to swooping swallows, puffins, cormorants and now also gecko’s and sea horses she continues to create a range of delightful sculptures to grace your home or garden. Working with glass, there is an unlimited range of colours and shapes for Alison to experiment with. Texture and colour are added using frits to ‘paint’ the glass which is then fused together. To bring her creations to life, aluminium or copper wire is added to provide a three dimensional feel to the sculpture, define the edges and add a little sparkle.

CWG-KE-1 resized

Based in North Somerset, Karen Edwards’ studio is in the grounds of a beautiful restored Victorian kitchen garden. Visitors are welcome by appointment! Karen takes her inspiration from the textures and forms found in the natural world, using hand-building techniques to create a variety of distinctive ceramic sculptures. The strong, simple shapes and natural colours complement any garden or interior setting. Although Karen is happy to repeat a design, all her work is entirely hand-built and decorated so that each one is unique. High temperature firing vitrifies the clay, so that pieces can be safely left outdoors all year. Karen regularly shows her work in outdoor sculpture events and ceramics festivals, and is a committee member of Westcountry Potters Association.

CWG-EG-1 resizedWorcs Embroiderers Guild Logo

In 2017, the members of the Worcester Embroiderers’ Guild were invited to create pieces on the theme of ‘Worcestershire’s Wildflower Meadows’ by the Worcestershire Bee Keeper’s Association. The resulting body of work shows the diverse abilities of the members, making this exhibition a stunning display of skill.Their work embraces many different techniques and use of mixed media. For example; felting, fabric dyeing, embellishing and printing, coupled with machine embroidery and hand stitching. They have chosen an assortment of subjects which makes this an interesting medley of bees and insects, wildflowers, grasses and everything associated with English meadows. 

Practical information to help with your visit to The Walled Gardens:


  • Please note there is limited wheelchair access into The Walled Gardens
  • Please be aware there are no toilet facilities available within The Walled Gardens. The nearest toilets are either close to the main garden gate (as signposted) or in the National Trust Visitor Centre
  • We advise visitors to wear suitable footwear whilst visiting The Walled Gardens
  • Please be aware of the steep grass slope
  • There are steps into the greenhouses
  • The exit route has a small flight of steps. If you’d prefer, you can use the entrance door to exit from the garden


  • Tether points are available just outside the entrance gate where we would be happy for you to leave your dog. We’re sorry, but no dogs are allowed inside the walled gardens, except for assistance dogs.


Please be aware of the following during your visit:

  • Open water of the Dipping Pond
  • Uneven paths (particularly the original stone paths at bottom of garden)
  • Steep grass slope at the top of the garden