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In the pipeline

Our new vegetable garden is now ready for planting. It’s so large that the far end is over 100 yards from the nearest source of water, and more than six feet higher. We need to find a reliable and sustainable solution for irrigating the entire plot which doesn’t involve carrying watering cans up and down the slope. An underground brick built tank, that… Read more »

Spot the difference

A long bitter winter, short dark days and relentless log cutting, leaves us barely enough time to make a snow man. Fortunately, Roy concentrates on more important things. With the ever popular ‘Rose Garden’ in his focus, much of the ground works are now complete and the shape is ‘taking shape’. Moreover, the centre piece is now finally in place, but that’s for a… Read more »

Happy new year

And so begins another new year. We contemplate our plan of attack as the first few snow flakes start to fall. A while later, we contemplate our plan of retreat.