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We invite a few friends over for a cup of tea

The Friends of Croome return for their annual garden visit, and we are delighted to see them as always. This year there are so many new faces amongst the ever more familiar ones. Once again the weather demonstrates a most favourable mood towards our friendly guests. Photographs courtesy of Tadjio Szczepanik.

Our first workshop event

The Walled Kitchen Gardens Network kindly invited us to host this years workshop dedicated to restoration of garden buildings. Having attended past events of this type, we had a reasonable idea of the general expectaion from the delegates. We knew that we would be addressing some of the top gardening experts in the country and decided to focus… Read more »

The Promised Rose Garden

It’s now more than four years since the Rose Garden was first promised, and not a single rose has been planted yet. Thankfully ground work is progressing well and details of the garden layout start to become apparent as the curved borders and pathways are defined by their timbered edgings.

Wild flowers and orchards

As work on the Vinery advances in the distance, the first fruit trees are planted in the recently prepared landscape of the upper gardens. The bees develop a keen interest as these new arrivals begin to blossom.

Spring is here

The South facing border bursts into life once again as sun and rain work their alternating magic, otherwise known as Spring. A variety of spring vegetables share space amongst the bloom while the strawberries and other season crops enjoy their own private quarters.