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Croome in bloom

Spring returns with re-assuring consistency, bestowing it’s veritable feast of colour and beauty upon the Walled Gardens of Croome. Memories of winter fade fast as we shift our attentions towards the new season. Never a dull moment round here.. .

Meanwhile, back in the woods.. .

Things are really starting to take shape in the woodland as more new shrubs are planted.

Up the ladder

Restoration to the North East corner of the walls continues to advance at a rapid pace, in spite of adverse weather conditions.

Changing beds

One of our main objectives for this year is to significantly expand production of fruit and vegetables; in terms of volume and variety. The intention is to supply the NT with produce from the garden to supplement the new canteen. Some rearranging of the beds is required.

Full speed ahead

As the wheel of time turns, we prepare for the coming year with a new mood. Previous development plans, which threatened the very existence of these historic gardens, no longer stand in the way of the restoration project.