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Just add mortar

Exactly two months have passed since the foundations were laid and the new wall has already consumed 20,000 bricks and 20 tonnes of lime mortar. The first coping stones are lifted into position. Meanwhile, the Eastern border receives some long awaited attention from Dave.  

Friends – many Friends – and so friendly

The Friends of Croome gather outside the garden gate as we make a few last minute adjustments to the seating layout on the terrace. It hardly seems like a year has passed since their last annual visit to the gardens when we had the pleasure of hosting fourty or so friends in total. This year, much to… Read more »

Walls within walls

Sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with change, even when you know it’s for the greater good. The integrity of the Walled Garden was first breached in 1999, when planning permission was granted for a garage block to be built within it’s south west corner. This legacy has resulted in the need to construct a new wall along the line… Read more »


The scorching summer spell is abruptly halted as a dark rain cloud emerges from the south, carrying a payload of much needed sustenance to the local ecology. Several days pass and the rain continues to fall in heavy showers, forever reminding us of the need to recognise the importance of the ‘Dipping Pond’ and it’s historic function within the gardens.


For those who were enjoying a Sunday morning snooze at Croome, here’s a sample of what you were missing. It snowed heavily during the small hours but, as the sun began to rise, the snow rapidly melted away.