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Grow melons, grow…

“Parma ham” comes to mind; soft fruit too. The first melons are showing healthy signs and elaborate ‘hammocks’ are devised to support them individually as they mature.

Tanks again for the water

We had been aware, for some time, of a large water tank which resided under the terrace below the Melon House. Evidence of the old conduits provided a suitable plan for the new hydraulic system. Rain water from the roof is captured by gutters on both sides of the Melon House and collected in the underground tank. All we have to… Read more »

Blooming and grooming

Summer again.. . Simon and Digger play hide and seek.. . With the weeds, I might add.. Alles in ordnung.

The Fig House back in focus

Not only were the walls built on a slope but, in places the bricks followed suit. This meant that some fundamental building practices had to be breached in order to replicate the peculiar original design.

A forbiden fruit

As the bricks are carefully removed and stacked in the usual way, a new vista unfolds from an upstairs window of the cottage. More over, the complete view of the woodland from the porch is almost irresistable. For a second time in recent history the Gardeners Cottage is unvailed and in harmony with its older familiar surroundings. There were tempting moments when… Read more »