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The Underworld

It must be every young boys dream to live in a house which has real tunnels; ones that you can sneak along, popping up in other parts of the house from time to time. If you are one of those who believes that boys never actually grow up, we can provide all the proof you need.

Maintaining the main rain drain

It was quite apparent, from the evidence which we uncovered whilst redistributing the top soil, that this land drain was once a main artery of the hydraulic system. We had anticipated the need to devise a practical method for channelling rain water from the roofs and paved terraces above, into the Dipping Pond. The integrity of the old… Read more »

Raiding the bank

A garden which is situated on a slope has an obvious tendency to slide down hill. The rate of movement is determined by the steepness of the slope and the type of sub terrain. If you happen to have a wall at the bottom of your garden it’s only a matter of time before it becomes an issue. In… Read more »

Ripe & ready to eat

Excitement grows as the first melons show signs of being nearly ready to remove from their hammocks.

Getting the lid back on..

The carpenters workshop has been franticly preparing the new timber structure for the roof of the Fig House. Finally the time has come to start putting some of the pieces in place.