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Coping with the East Wall

The extent of the damage along the East Wall had effectively been overlooked until now. Perhaps it was the gleeming contrast of the Melon House which highlighted it. In any event, the coping stones were missing in places and this had precipitated further degradation within the lower brick work.

Melon House unvailed

It is hard to describe the sense of pleasure and relief that we all shared as the last sash window was carefully fitted to the framework.

The Bees needs

WARNING – when bees are about to swarm, a change in gear and direction may be unavoidable. There are no words to explain the magic that surrounds the world of Bees. Observing their behavior is a privilege but, interaction is the key to learning more about them; and us. The swarm gathers on a nearby Lilac branch…. Read more »


“Why are we doing this?” That’s not a complaint, but a good question non the less. The Melon House must have looked much like this when it was first being constructed, over 150 years before. Attention to detail is a necessary part of the policy with restoration work. However, it carries a price which must be paid in the future. It… Read more »

Vinery – finally

Archeology studies concerning the first two bays of the Vinery are now completed, signalling a green light to fire up the cement mixer again. Laying new foundations in the Vinery is now critical to preserving the restored back buildings and cellars on the other side of the wall. Roy and John acknowledge the task and proceed accordingly