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The world’s largest radiator

The garden is divided internally by the gigantic ‘Hot Wall’ which runs from east to west. Measuring almost 100m in length, it required five underground furnaces to keep it warm enough to grow exotic fruits; at any time of the year. The furnaces had been back filled and covered over many years before and their… Read more »

Word on the vine

Excavation work inside the first two bays of the Vinery House suddenly becomes the focus of attention. Evidence of an earlier building with a slightly smaller foot print is carefully uncovered and recorded.

Border patrol

The south facing wall provides a suitable back drop for this wonderful spring scene of colour and contrast.

Ten tonnes of lime mortar

Before reconstruction of the walls could commence, it was necessary to acquire some specialist training in the art of using traditional materials and techniques. So off we went to “rock school”. When we returned the rabbits had established some new strong holds and were notably compromising our gardening efforts. Retaliation was inevitable. Lime mortar is a type of mortar. It was… Read more »

Another wish, another well

Another new year begins, marking the cycle of time and season; a time for reflections and resolutions. We discussed our action plan over a glass of wine or two, and agreed to stick with the previous plan. If it isn’t broke  !!