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Melon House – update

With the rear wall of the first two bays now up to full height, we are ready to start fitting the new timber framework.

A closer look at the Hot Wall

The archeologists were impeccable in carrying out their survey on one of the five furnaces which used to heat the Hot Wall. You can clearly see details of the design and function of these bespoke ‘fire engines’ which must have demanded constant attention from the garden staff during the winter months.

Lines & curves

The most exciting phase in restoration is definitely the second one; the one where it all goes back together again. Special templates were constructed in the Carpenters Workshop to support and position the bricks while the mortar set them in their arch array.  Meanwhile, the first bay of the Melon House was growing, course by course

The East facing wall

Four years have almost passed since we first arrived at Croome and there is still so much more to do. Thankfully the good summer weather has boosted plant growth with spectacular results. The border along the East facing wall is beginning to establish itself very nicely indeed.

Once you start digging..

As the excavation work in the Vinery advances, we discover a large trench which had been back filled with old bricks which we were very pleased to find a new home for.