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A simple equation.  (P1 + P2 + P3) / T  = M {where P1 = preparation, P2 = persistence, P3 = pressure and T = time, the universal common denominator}. In other words, the walls are coming on in leaps and bounds.

The ‘WHot’ Wall

The clearing process was advancing with necessary speed. All of the walls had been dominated by ivy and swift action was taken to halt the decay. We had been informed that the party wall was a ‘heated wall’ but didn’t really understand how it actually worked. The building attached to the lower end may have… Read more »

WOW !!

A good friend who lives nearby often says that he wishes he had a photo album of 365 sunsets at Croome. One for every day of the year. Well here’s a small contribution..

Looking good on all fronts

June is always such a special time of year because it marks the anniversary of the restoration project. It’s so easy to forget just how far we’ve come if we don’t remember to look back from time to time. Three years ago, this wall wasn’t even visible This was a rabbit haven and these bricks were recovered cleaned… Read more »