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Serious about walls

One of the conditions set by the Malvern Hills District Council when we bought the site, was that the main walls had to be repaired within a reasonable time period (notionally five years). This work must take priority, but not necessarily at the exclusion of other work. We would have to rebuild at a rate of one metre per… Read more »

The ? House

The glass house above the Melon House had been partially cleared during the process, enough to reveal some of its features. What ever this building was intended for, had to be of high importance at the time. It had been engineered in Brunel fashion and designed by a professional.

Melon House under surveillance

As winter sets in, the brambles and nettles retreat once again. The Melon House (at least what remained of it) could now be studied without fear of getting stung. Nick Joyce, our friendly project Architect, and his ‘time team’ conducted a detailed survey of the building. Their brief was to compile a guide book for the restoration work which lay… Read more »

From wells to walls

The frontage is taking great shape and the unexpected feature fits in very well (pun intended).

Well well well

Much work was required to reinstate the 70m long red brick path and storm water gulley which extends from the North West corner of the cottage to beyond the end of the Back Sheds. As usual every single brick had to be removed and cleaned while the new foundations were prepared. This was a punishing and… Read more »