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More sinister plots

Not wishing to pry but, what’s going on next door?

Outward views

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what is going on outside the walls when you’re knee deep in restoration duties. Croome has so many beautiful historic features, and you don’t need to stray far from the gardens to appreciate some of them. Saint Mary’s church looks over the landscape from its strategic position. The London Arch, as it’s known to us,… Read more »

Path – ology

First you need to clear the paths before you can walk them. Not an easy task if it hasn’t been done for more than 50 years. Even so, the lias stone work was still in pretty good condition. Many of these bricks were found scattered amongst the rubble which obscured the main path way. After a few days of… Read more »

Guys & Forks

Stories of the ‘gun powder plot’ attract occasional references to Croome in the timelines of history. There are plenty of plots unfolding to keep us occupied for now.. and not a bonfire in site. The old cobbles around the Dipping Pond are once again revealed. A large section of the lower east facing wall is swiftly demolished, as development work on the stable block… Read more »