2013 to date

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Spring time in the Melon House

As ever, the pictures tell the story better than words. We do like Spring time..

2012-04-12-001 2012-04-12-002 2012-04-12-003 2012-04-12-004 2012-04-12-005 2012-04-12-006

Meanwhile back in the Fig House..

It’s hard to imagine that it’s sub zero on the other sideof the glass. I think I’ll stay in here for a while..

2012-02-12-001 2012-02-12-002 2012-02-12-003 2012-02-12-004 2012-02-12-005 2012-02-12-006 2012-02-12-007 2012-02-12-008 2012-02-12-009 2012-02-12-010 2012-02-12-011 2012-02-12-012 2012-02-12-013


It’s all cobbled together

A New Year begins with a new task. An old cobble stone path circum-navigates the Dipping Pond as it connects the Well and the main garden gates. It has been mostly hidden under years of built up mud and dirt until now. We decided to leave it that way in order to protect it from the heavy machinery which has had to roll across the path to get into the garden. So now we’re ready to uncover another of the garden’s secrets

Thankfully we have a stock of cobble stones which we found when we were excavating the furnaces some years ago

2012-02-11-001 2012-02-11-002 2012-02-11-003 2012-02-11-004 2012-02-11-005 2012-02-11-006 2012-02-11-007 2012-02-11-008 2012-02-11-009